Photoshop (clipping path services)

clipping path services

Clipping path simply means erasing selected outlined points from the background. Path cuts out an image.

Benefits of using the Pen tool in Clipping Path:

The Pen tool enables us, with great detail and accuracy, to replace the background in an image with a new and wonderful background of your choice. This also allows us to replace backgrounds in photos that are damaged, old and scratched with a clearer and better background of your choice, or insert a uniform background for your catalog of products. The manual pen tool will ensure the correct area is selected in your image, without changing or modifying a single pixel in an image.

PointMask’s graphic designer’s use the pen tool to accomplish clipping path tasks. We divide clipping path tasks into 5 categories of complexity, which are Basic, Easy, Moderate, Advance and Hourly.

PointMask, Inc. is a full service clipping path and graphic design…

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Photoshop(Photo retouching)

clipping path services


Photo retouching is an art. It requires artistic talent, an eye for detail, and creativity. At PointMask, Inc., we use the newest and most powerful Photoshop tools and techniques that enable us to provide you with the highest quality graphics work at the most competitive and reasonable price. We can work our photo retouching magic for you. We can make the people in your photos smile, their eyes glow, the imperfections in their skin vanish, and their wrinkles go away. We can also adjust and correct the shadows in a photo, enhance the color, or anything-else you want done to your photos! Our creative graphic designers are extremely experienced in Photo Retouching. We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to provide you with professional photo retouching that is absolutely the highest quality and we are able to provide our services quickly and within your time requirements. Just send…

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photoshop friends

clipping path services

Mirror effect/reflection shadow service

One of the services is our expertise with mirror effects and reflection shadows. Our professional and experience artist use the advance techniques to create beautifully rendered product images, we can transform flat and dull pictures to a crisp and professional look images. Giving a mirror effect or reflection shadow creates a beauty of the product with a depth from its surface.

clipping path service

Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration uses a variety of image editing techniques to remove visible damage and aging effects from photographs. Graphic editors are typically used to repair the images and add to a photo where pieces are torn or missing. Dirt, scratches, and other signs of photographic age are removed from the photograph manually, by painting over them meticulously that is believed to be in the original image.

clipping path service

Raster to Vector Image

Vector graphics is based on images made up of vectors (also called…

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